Inoj Dance Theatre was founded in 2009 on the initiative of Katarzyna Kryczka, director and choreographer. It is hard to clasify Inoj's productions. Through experimentation, observation and dealing with the reality, the gruoup dance its own Universe (pre-Slavic inoj means different). In order to develop its own way of artistic expresion, the group focuses on the plasticity of action, both on visual and sound resonance level. The action arises from the intensity of the meeting between performers and from the act of being together, with the word and beyond it. 
During the creative process it is the idea that starts the movement in the body. Choreography is based on the contemporary dance thecnique, the analisis of the stage character and being in the present moment. Inoj's actions go beyond the aesthetic dance and aren't limited by conceptualism. The group tries to touch universal social problems. The open form of their productions allows different ways of interpretation. Inoj collaborates with artists from diferentt fields. It remains open to creative and spritual people.